Ronaldo’s Juventus in the final without a draw

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus have reached the final of the Coppa Italia. In the two-legged semifinals, they beat Inter Milan, one of the most consistent and strong teams in the current edition. The second leg of the semifinal match between Inter and Juventus on Tuesday night ended in a goalless draw. However, Juventus has reached the final. Because Juventus won the first leg match 2-1.

Juventus created multiple chances in their home match. But with the determination of the Inter goalkeeper, they never found the goal address. Inter goalkeeper Handanovic has blocked Ronaldo’s strong attack at least twice.

Despite not scoring in the second leg, Juventus beat Inter 2-1 with Ronaldo’s double in the first leg. They got the ticket for the final mainly because of that match. The final of the tournament will be in two legs. The next two matches will be on February 19 and 21. Juventus will face either Napoli or Atlanta.

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